Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally Some Freedom!

For the last few days I have been stuck in the house.
Sick. Cough cough.
Rain. Trying to mow lawn before landlord goes nuts on us.
Broken tap. Being given a time frame of "today or maybe tomorrow". Unable to leave because of wishy washy plumber. (Yeah I did say that and I know it is bad!)
Plumber finally came. So did bath time.
Did I mention it was the hot tap that was dribbling away for hours?
We turned the water off, but then was told to leave it on while the waiting game was being played.
The kettle was utilized.
The baby cried. Tired, grumpy, hungry.
The bath was filled, shallow.
At the end of the day I sighed as I made my way to a hot shower.
Oh yeah....It heats up overnight. No hot shower for me.

Today as my first day of freedom (though I am still sick I just HAD to get out) I went for a walk and took some photos on the way....

Then I did a bit of light reading....

I LOVE this book. It was the best Christmas gift ever.

I realized for the first time since school I am actually using the diary I bought....

Maybe because it has such pretty photos of things I yearn for...

Someday I will bring in a basket of fresh veges from my garden.

In the waiting I also finally glued magnets to my resin coated scrabble tiles I made so long ago. I was going to make them into a necklace but I love them on the fridge.

They fit in so well with my other resin magnets...

And after days of trying to figure out why my camera would not connect to my laptop I tried it with our big desktop....And amazingly it worked fine! The laptop is pretty stuffed and full of nasty things so the lovely husband is wiping it tonight. He is just waiting for me to get off the computer......

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