Thursday, July 30, 2009

I looked out my window and this is what I saw....

Amongst all the dead winter grass they brightly stood. I had to go admire, pick and fill the house with their strong scent. So delicious!

And here is another piece of yumminess....Cake! I had a small amount of free time and saw a cake mix in the pantry (great for experimental purposes) and a tin of chocolate top and fill I found at an IGA for 99c. Honestly, how could I resist! So the two came together.....And then I went a bit crazy with a piping bag (freezer bag-horrible!) and it came out like this...

Yes I am a great big mushball and I love my husband so much I made him an overly decorated cake. At least it tasted good!
I went for the swirly vanilla/choc fudge look and with the top and fill added it really is so rich. But of so good....

So good that a few days later (and it still tastes fresh!) there is only this much left...

Though the only reason that there is ANY left is because the husband totally forgot about it until I reminded him....He then cut himself a huge slice to make up for it.
A few days later, after salivating over so many pretty things in a homewares store, I went a bit crazy and treated myself to a proper cake decorating device.
So hopefully when I get the time I will make some prettier cakes.

Other things I have done.....
Well this was a while ao but I forgot to get a photo...

It was my second embroidery attempt and I must say I am quite pleased with my efforts! Now what do I do with it????
Here's the pattern, obviously I omitted some lines (I was getting just a bit lazy and liked the way it looked).

Went on a planting binge yesterday and now our kitchen table is almost half covered with boring looking containers full of dirt...
But while seed shopping I did discover these...

I have NEVER, ever seen cactus seeds before...Anywhere! So I couldn't resist.
I knew I would plant them in our gorgeous deep blue pots our old bonsai were in (before they went to a happier place-bonsai heaven) but noticed that we were rather silly when buying the pots and did not buy trays for underneath...Well damn. I have tried to find something around the house to use but I guess I'll just have to go to Bunnings...*Sigh*
(I LOVE Bunnings and could spend a LOT of money in there.....Oh wait I HAVE spent a lot of money in there. It was fun.)

As usual this little one is keeping me busy.....But when she gives such cute poses-how can you not go all mushy inside?


  1. Daffodils are so pretty, and you got some great photos of the ones in your yard! You must live in a different part of the world than I do (wow that was very observant of me).

    Your little girl is PRECIOUS!

  2. MMMMM!! CAKE!

    I actually came over from Craftster to snag your rose pattern. Thanks for posting a link!

    And your baby is so CUTE! She looks like she's already wanting to say something to ya!

  3. Yaaaay hey sis B & M here, How are the cactus plants going. Also love your flower shots! love

  4. hiya, just wondering if the catus seeds grow, I bought the same packet but none of them grow. Let me know how you get on with them. love Glenda

  5. I have had absolutely nothing come up from the cactus seeds. Very disappointing at first I thought it might be my lack of gardening skills.....I might try again soon. When did you try planting yours Glenda? Maybe they are dud seeds?